Stop boring learning! Movies improve my Chinese.

alicezhang 2016-01-07 5198




    First of all, which type of movies will you watch?


Costume movies? Cantonese movies?


Of course not! You should watch Modern Mandarin Movies! So the languages used in movies are helpful and practical, close to real life. Moreover you should select your interested types. All of these combined, movies can really help your Chinese.


    Then how many times should you watch a movie?


For the first time, you may only pay attention to the beauties and handsome men, as well as the general plot. But as to the lines, most people never care about. So for the second time, you should focus on the language and culture. When you have any questions, write them down at once, or you will forget them. You should figure them out via the internet or ask teacher’s help. After doing all these, you can watch it for the third time. And this time, you will try to review and strengthen what you have learned. 


    Finally what will you gain after a movie? 


You can write a movie review or copy some classic lines.


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