What kind of oral Chinese is “authentic” ?

alicezhang 2016-01-07 5489



Your accent must be authentic.


You should avoid such dialects like northeast China dialect and Shandong dialect. Otherwise people will figure out that you are from northeast China or Shandong province.


Practice your oral Chinese with an authentic Chinese teacher, which makes yourself an environment of mandarin. Please be patient for success. Pronounce every word correctly. 


Speak Chinese instead of translating.


Many people automatically translate what they want to speak when they open their mouth. But the truth is that Chinese is different in word order from other languages. So what Chinese people always speak and hear are some cluttered words without any word order. You still think it is ok? Actually in such situation, Chinese people need great efforts to guess what others want to express.


Listen more, accumulate more! More word, phrases and sentences are essential! There is an old saying goes “The meaning of a book will become clear if you read it hundreds of times.” So start to accumulate!


The sentences you speak should conform to the way Chinese people speak.


For example, “你吃午饭了吗?吃了吗?午饭,你吃了吗?” are same in the meaning. So which one is most common ?


Students always learn official and written Chinese in classes and teachers usually teach students complete sentences so as to improve the grammar. However we don’t use these sentences in real life. That is why students can perform well in classes but cannot speak smoothly after class. Every time you may say I can only speak with my Chinese teacher but cannot understand what others are saying.


After class, you need to communicate with Chinese people. They can be your teachers, as well as your friends but there will be indeed a natural way for you to communicate.

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