How do You Learn Chinese Characters Efficiently!

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During the past ten years, many foreigners asked me, “ Why is it so hard to learn Chinese characters? I spent quite much time on characters, but the result was still dissatisfactory. I haven’t remembered it yet or I still cannot distinguish these two characters. What are they? They look so similar.”

What’s my answer? It’s just because of your method. You don’t have the right/efficient way.

If you have the same problem, come here! We will show you a very new and efficient approach to learn Chinese characters.

1.divide and combine


1) 申 shēn another name for Shanghai


We divide this character into two parts, 中and一. “Shanghai is one of the biggest cities in China.” China is中zhōng,one is一yī,and in china,tell you the position of一. So “中zhong” plus “一yī” in middle is “申shēn”



2) 星 xīng star


We divide this character into two parts,日rì (sun) and生shēng (give birth to). “Star is sun’s baby. Sun gives birth to star.” Sun is日ri,生is give birth .So the top “日rì” and plus bottom “生shēng”, it’s 星xīng.




e.g. 教jiāo to teach


   Teacher (老师lǎoshī) teaches (教jiāo) kids (孩子háizi) Chinese(中文Zhōngwén). So top part of老, plus子, plus文, together is教.

3.Picture and imagination

e.g. 山 shān mountain 


This is the Chinese character “山”. Please use your imagination, we can remember it as the following picture shows. 




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