9 keys to practicing Chinese pronunciation

alicezhang 2016-04-14 4457



Listen to more audio materials with standard Chinese pronunciation. Only with enough listening input, can you output.


Imitate standard Chinese pronunciation much more. Pay attention to the shape of the mouth when the speaker is speaking.


Listen to your own pronunciation. Try to record your own voice and compare it with the standard Chinese pronunciation.


Ensure that every word pronounces correctly and don’t ask about the speed. Many people think that they read fast can show their fluent Chinese. Actually Chinese people can understand what you say by guess. So if you speak so fast, then your pronunciation with some features of your mother tongue steals the show.


Watch your mouth type with a mirror. Put every movement in your mouth in place. Exercise your month in the way you exercise your body to help your mouth form a good habit. For example, when pronouncing “a”, you should open your mouth wide. 


Pay attention to the tones. Tones are very important in Chinese learning. Ensure that you can pronounce tones correctly.


Follow the suggestions of a professional teacher. A professional Chinese teacher is essential when practicing Chinese pronunciation. A teacher can easily find your errors of pronunciation and can guide you with some simple pronunciation skills.


Speak more. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Remember to apply what you have learned.


Learn to sing Chinese songs. Singing is a very good way to practice your pronunciation and tones.



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