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Stinky tofu is a form of fermented tofu that has a strong odor, it is a popular snack in east and southeast china. The producing and tasting methods differ from place to place. However, it has become a commom sense that a good piece of stinky tofu should be fresh and juicy, crispy outside but tender inside, smelling stinky but tasting delicious. To stinky tofu lovers, they especially enjoy its distinct flavor and odor .

Stinky tofu is a traditional food ,It was invented by wangzhihe of Qing dynasty .Totally by chance ,he invented the smelly tofu and then began to develop his invention. Successfully his stinky tofu spread widely and last over 300 years till this day .Ci Xi also loves this snack ,and named it “Qing fang”.

Nowdays you can find the stinky tofu at night markets or roadside stands.


臭豆腐chòu dòufu

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