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Hangzhou  Philharmonic Orchestra


Born in Spring 


In the sweet breath of spring, 


Peach flowers bloom, willows burgeon out, 


Frogs awake from the winter sleep, and swallows return


To the warm Jiangnan of April, a sunny, lively time Pregnant with a fresh, lovely life,


On April 20, 2009, “I” was born in the dignified and blessed breath of spring. Such birth is  recognized as a reward to the sweaty drops of  hard preparatory work,  appreciatively  celebrated with the spring thunders. With the mission assigned by the goddess of spring,  “I” am destined to bring the most melodious music to this beautiful land of Jiangnan (the  region south of the Yangtze River),  whence “I” was given a blessed name  Hangzhou  Philharmonic Orchestra.  


Hangzhou is one of the most beautiful  places in Jiangnan, where “I” have received the  mission as a messenger of music. In fact, “I” am “we”. We are from corners of the world;  back across the far seas, we are endowed with a mission. Philharmonic is our shared theme,  under which we are gathered for the common goal of spreading music, and for which the  90 musicians with our own duties are united as one. With this oneness of ours, your life will  be more colored and brightened, all indebted to beautiful music, true life and sentiments  from heart.


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