提现服务费 service fee for cash withdrawal

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Alibaba's mobile payment system Alipay will start to charge individual users service fees for cash withdrawals, balance transfer from Alipay accounts to bank deposit accounts, from Oct 12, it announced on Monday.


支付宝发布公告称,将对个人用户(individual users)超出免费额度的提现(cash withdrawal)收取一定比例的服务费(service fee)。个人用户每人累计享有2万元基础免费提现额度(free withdrawal quota),超出免费额度的部分按提现金额的0.1%收取服务费,单笔服务费不到0.1元的则按照0.1元收取。支付宝在公告中表示,提现收费的原因是"经营成本的上升(rising operation costs)"。

公告显示,余额宝资金转出(transfer money out of Yu'ebao),包括转出到本人银行卡及转出到支付宝余额(balance in the Alipay account)将继续免费(be free of charge),使用支付宝进行消费、理财、购买保险(purchase insurance)、手机充值(make a top-up/top up your phone)、水电煤缴费(pay utility bills)、挂号、缴纳交通罚款,使用手机支付宝转账到支付宝账户、还款等服务也将继续免费。用户免费使用的同时还可以获得蚂蚁积分,蚂蚁积分可以用于兑换免费提现额度(exchange for free withdrawal quotas)。据支付宝方面介绍,目前兑换比例是1蚂蚁积分可兑换1块钱的免费提现额度(each reward point from Ant Financial equals to RMB1 of withdrawal amount exempt from service fees),上不封顶。此外,支付宝签约商家(merchants who have signed up to Alipay)使用"提现"产品将支付宝余额内资金转到本人银行卡将继续免费。

支付宝调整提现规则并非业界首例。今年3月起,即时通讯应用(instant messaging app)微信开始对用户收取提现服务费(service fee for cash withdrawals)。微信规定,每位微信用户累计享有1000元免费提现额度,超额部分收取0.1%的服务费(a fee of 0.1% is charged on amounts exceeding that quota)。此前,这些移动支付服务(mobile payment services)为用户全额补贴了银行对其使用支付网络收取的费用(fully subsidize the underlying fees that banks charge to use their payment networks)。


dì sān fāng zhīfù  


third party payment

diànzǐ qiánbāo  


e-wallet/digital wallet

shǒujī yínháng zhuǎnzhàng  


money transfer via mobile banking




dìngqī cúnkuǎn  


fixed/time deposit

huóqī cúnkuǎn 


demand/current deposit

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