Make up just need these 5 brushes

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Of all hundreds of items to choose from at a cosmetics store, the brush section may be the most difficult to navigate. The sheer number of brushes that look exactly the same is overwhelming, so it’s easy to understand why you might just give up and use the brushes that came with your makeup.

In fact, you only need 5 of them:


1.   Yuántóu péngsōng shuāzǐ



fluffy brush for both blush and powder. 


You can also use this brush for bronzer.    Its ability to diffusethe product more evenly over your face. “If you have a shorter, denser brush, you’re going to get a bigger deposit of color. If you have a fluffier brush it’s going to diffuse ― most people want a natural application” .


2.   Biǎnpíng nílóng shuā



A flat nylon brush to apply concealer. 




A dense, flat brush is perfect for depositing more color in the crease of your eye, also making it perfect for dabbing and blending concealer beneath your eye. Bonus tip: If you want even more color, get this brush a little bit wet before use.

3.    Péngsōng de yǎnyǐng shuā



A fluffy eyeshadow brush for all over eyeshadow and powder.


“如果你想要眼睛都上一种颜色的眼影,那这种刷子是一个非常不错的选择,” “同时你还可以把它当成高光刷来使用,或者用于眼睛下面和鼻子周围进行补粉——这些都是脸上又小又容易有皱纹的地方。”不过要确保,你在用于不同的部位之前要把刷子清洗干净。

"If you like to do one wash of a neutral color over your whole eye, this is a great brush,"  adding, "you can also use it as a highlight brush, or to set the powder under your eye and around your nose -- the small, creased areas of your face." Just be sure to wash your brush between uses if you’remultitasking with it.

4. Zhòuwén shuā


A crease brush. 




This one, does all the work for you, creating a totally blended and natural eye look. "Dip it into whatever color you want in the crease of your eye, right at the socket, and starting at the outside corner drag across in a windshield wiper motion," she said. This type of brush deposits a little bit of product at a time, making it look super blended.

5. Wānshuā


An angled brush. 




Arguably the MVB (most valuable brush), an angled brush serves not one, not two but three purposes. Use this one for eyebrow products, applying eyeliner and even as a lip brush. The angle on it makes it interesting for you to draw the cupid’s bow on your lip.


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