See your character from 5 fingers

emmagao 2016-10-27 614

By comparing your index and ring fingers, a neuroscientist can tell if you are likely to be anxious or whether you are likely to be a good athlete.


If your index finger is longer than your ring finger, you are likely to be bad at sports but better at verbalmemory tasks, a new study says.


But men and women with shorter index fingers compared to their ring finger are less anxious, better at mentally demanding 3D-rotation tasks and better at sport.


Scientists have long known adults whose index finger is shorter than their ring finger are exposed togreater amounts of testosterone when they were in the womb.


The ratio between the ring and index fingers, known in scientists’ jargon as 2D and 4D, can reveal the levels of testosterone someone was exposed to in the womb.


The greater level of testosterone means someone is likely to be a better athlete.


But low levels of testosterone are associated with better abilities in verbal memory tasks, like remembering lists of words.


But, those who do not fall into either of these categories, with index and ring fingers the same length, are more likely to be faithful, according to a study last year.


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