Interview dialogue

emmagao 2016-10-30 174

(1) 自我介绍(self-introduction)

A:Can you tell me a little about yourself?



A:Can you begin by telling me a little about yourself?



B:……and that is how I realized I wanted a job in this field.



B:……that is what made me want to work for your company.



(2)公司概况(company profile)

A:What do you know about this organization?



A:Tell me what you know about this company?


B:I was very interested to read that you are starting to produce your own products here and will be opening some new factories and offices.



A:Why do you want to work for us?



A:Why did you choose this company?


B:I found there were quite a few but only your company stressed its commitment to its employees as well as to its customers.



B:Of your company's growth prospects and use of personnel I am admired, and I very much would like to spend their own knowledge learned the effectiveness of your company.




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