How to introduce your product

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性能优秀:good adaptability
节能高效:fuel efficient
空间宽敞:roomy inside
密封良好:well sealed up

e.g.The central body of the plane is made entirely of carbon composite material, which makes the plane lighter and more fuel efficient.


(2) 谈谈产品的市场(market share)
业内人士都知道:everyone on the line
深受欢迎:very popular abroad
供不应求:exceed supply

e.g.Everyone on the line knows that Chinese tea is good in quality and reasonable in prices.


(3)谈及产品的款色、颜色、规格等(style/color/ specifications)
又新潮又有品味:be in fashion and in good taste
精致、新颖、大方: well-tailored in workmanship, fresh and good in style
完美结合:perfect combination
色彩鲜艳:brightly colored

e.g.Designers are very forward thinking and buyers can be backward thinking. so themerchandiser must be the arbiter of good taste and fashion and keep the process moving in a positive direction.


e.g.An inexpensive and convenient recovery drink is chocolate milk, which is the perfect combination of carbs and protein.


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