What is the turnover of Alibaba in November 11th?

emmagao 2016-11-27 778

There's no other shopping bonanza quite like Alibaba's Singles Day, which has once again smashedrecords.


The tech giant reported $17.8 billion in sales during this year's frenzy, breaking the record of $14.3 billion set in 2015. That's more than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.


Singles Day takes place each year on November 11. It started as an informal holiday celebrating those not in relationships, before tech giant Alibaba turned it into a product discount day in 2009. The multibillion dollar event includes products from thousands of international brands, all vying for the purchasing power of more than 100 million shoppers.


In the first few hours, more than 80% of transactions took place on smartphones. The company rolled out virtual reality experiences and augmented reality games to keep shoppers' thumbs and eyeballs glued to the buy button.


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