The customer sent you off at the airport

emmagao 2016-11-27 306
  • A:Now,you are to board the plane.We're sorry that we haven't done much to help you when you stayed in China. 


  • B:I appreciate what you have done for me.Everything I have seen here has left a deep impression on me. I really don't know how to express my thanks to you.


  • A:We are ready to help you. 


  • B:Will you be kind to say "Thank you" to Mr.Zhang and other friends for me?


  • A:I'd like to.I'm sure your visit will help to promote the friendship and understanding between both of us.Welcome to China again. 


  • B:Of course,I will.Well,it's time for me to say goodbye.The plane will take off soon.Hope some day you will come to America for a visit.


  • A:Thank you.I will if I have chance.Goodbye and happy landing! 


  • B:Goodbye!


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