4 China supermodel in Vitoria's secret!

emmagao 2016-12-07 1438

Four Chinese models —Liu Wen, Xi Mengyao, He Sui, and Ju Xiaowen — are set to walk in the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday. Considering the first Victoria’s Secret model of Asian descent did not walk in the retailer’s annual show until 2009, this is a huge step toward inclusivity and racial diversity for Victoria’s Secret.


The four models in this year’s lineup maintain a massive presence on social media and have worked with top designers worldwide. Victoria’s Secret recently posted an image on its Instagram channel of three of the women in Paris with the caption, “Ni hao! @liuwenlw,@mingxi11 & @hesui923 repping China at the #VSFashionShow.”

今年的走秀阵容中这四位模特依旧霸占了各大社交媒体,并且与世界顶尖设计师也有了合作。最近维秘官博在ins上发布了一张三位中国模特在巴黎的照片,并配上文字:“你好!@mingxi11 & @hesui923 在#VSFashionShow中的中国代表。”



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