I don't want to work overtime on weekends.

emmagao 2016-12-17 266
  • A:I am really exhausted, you know, I have been working without the weekend for two weeks. My boss always asks us to work overtime. 


  • B:Does your boss pay you for the over-time work?


  • A:No. But he provides free meals and sometimes gives us some small gifts. Many of us get very tired of this, and we'd rather have weekends than stay in the office. 


  • B:He should know that this is against the Labor Law in our country. Legally, employees should get double pay if asked to do extra work during the weekend or on holidays.


  • A:We all know about that, but we have no choice. The chairman of the trade union says he is going to negotiate with the management. 


  • B:I suggest that you go to the lawyers' office to get some help.


  • A:That's a good idea. I think we will soon come to a solution to the problem. 


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