I would like to ask where to find the papers?

emmagao 2017-01-11 217
  • A:Can you help me? I'm looking for some material for a paper I'm writing, and I'm not quite sure where to look.


  • BI'll certainly try to help you. What topic is your paper on? 

  • 我会试着帮你。你的论文是什么话题?

  • AMy paper is on the influence of television on children.

  • 我的论文是关于电视对孩子的影响。

  • BThere are several possible sources you might use for that topic. I suggest you use the computer and the computer will give you a list of every scientific journal that talks about children and television. 

  • 这里有一些合适的资料你可能可以用在这个话题上。我建议你用这台计算机,计算机会给你列出关于孩子和电视的每一期科学期刊。

  • AThank you for you help.

  • 谢谢你的帮忙。

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