Share delicious food!

emmagao 2017-01-26 873
  • A:There's so much food on the table, I don't know where to begin. 


  • B:Pass your plate down to Chuck, Tina. He'll put meat on it. 


  • A:White meat or dark, Tina? 


  • B:Dark, please. I like the drumsticks.


  • A:Why don't you start passing the potatoes, honey? 


  • B:You know, Tina, it's okay to pick up the leg with your fingers. You don't have to cut it from the bone. Around here, we think eating should be easy and fun.


  • A:And try a little bit of everything. Then you can go back for seconds, after you see which dishes you like best. 


  • B:I feel so full. I don't think I could eat another bite. Thank you, Chuck and Rachel, for inviting me to share this delicious meal with you and all your friends.


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