I would like to exchange some money.

emmagao 2017-02-07 573

A:May I help you? 


B:Yes, I would like to exchange some money.


A:what currency would you like to trade in? 


B:I would like to exchange American dollars for Chinese RMB. 


A:How much would you like to exchange today? 


B:Well, that depends on the rate. How much is the RMB trading at today?


A:It's a shame you didn't come a little earlier, the exchange rate was reset yersterday afternoon. The American dollar is now worth 7.45RMB.If you would like to sell RMB, we can give you a rate of 7.35.Will that be all right? 


B:I guess, here, give me 1000 dollars worth. I might as well exchange a little extra. Who knows what the exchange rate will be tommorow!


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