Dare you to try 86000 Chinese characters?

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Take “你好” for example.


There are two systems in mandarin, one is character system, the other is Pinyin system.


How many characters are there in mandarin? What is the Pinyin system?


There are around 86000 characters. But with only 3500 of them, we can understand 99.5% about what happens in life, with only 2500, we can understand 98%. So is mandarin hard to learn? It is not hard. Pinyin system can be divided into three parts, including initials, finals and tones. There are 21 initials, 39 finals and 4 tones. For tones, there is a special one which we call neutral tone.


So how to learn Chinese? Learn characters and Pinyin together? Of course not. We need to learn pinyin at first. After learning HSK 1, we can start learning characters.


For pinyin, we need to focus on 10 initials, 7 finals and tones.

j q x ,zh ch sh r ,z c s.

a o e i u ü er 

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